Just Say No to GMO

Pre-Amethios Song (Health Ranger)

Just Say No to GMO music video and song by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of NaturalNews.com. Written and performed by Mike Adams, this song exposes the lies of the GMO biotech industry, specifically mentioning Monsanto and genetically modified corn. It also features rap lines from Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, author of Seeds of Deception.

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Song Commentary (by Amethios)

"Just Say No to GMO" was a tremendously fun song to write, produce and publish. In this commentary, I'll share with you some of the behind-the-scenes action on creating the song (and the video).

I'll start with the question people are asking me: Yes, I sang both the lead vocals and background vocals. It was all recorded in layers using an audio editing software package, and no I do NOT use "vocal harmonizers." I do all my harmonies myself, manually, the natural way. I don't use machines to fake it.

I had originally hoped to write this song over the summer of 2010, but I didn't really find the time until September, when the whole song to me in a creative flash over one weekend. Once the words came together, I was able to do the recording in essentially one day (I used my own home studio for recording).

Not using other vocalists makes production really fast, so I was able to do most of the recording on that same weekend. Over the next week or so, I fine-tuned the vocals to balance sound levels. I also had to change some of the words a bit. The line about Monsanto was originally, "Hell no you didn't." But I changed it to "Oh no you didn't" because I wanted parents to play this song for their kids, and I didn't want one single word getting in the way of the song being more widely shared.

The most difficult part about the lyrics was actually making Jeffrey Smith rap out. I didn't have Jeffrey in my studio or anything -- all I had was some recordings from an interview I had done with him at the Health Freedom Expo earlier in 2010. So I worked through those to find some interesting words, then I mixed those together to make Jeffrey rap for us! (He liked it, too, once he heard it!)

The music itself was quite interesting for this song. I licensed the core beat tracks from a professional music company, then remixed it with additional beats.

The Music Video

The video took some work. I ended up filming the live action parts (me singing in front of the camera) in my office with a camera on a tripod. Nothing complicated, actually.

The rest of the scenes were pieced together from licensed photos and video segments. Jeffrey Smith made some available to us also, so I thank him for letting us use those photos.

We decided to display on screen all the lyrics to the video in order to help those who are hearing impaired, and if we had more time, we would have released a version of the video in both Chinese and Spanish (we may still do that, actually).

For my live action part, I basically just found a black shirt, put it on, made sure my hair wasn't a total mess, and then hit record. No makeup, no wardrobe, nothing. Since I had already written and sang the song, it was pretty easy to sing it again on camera.

I decided to use a black-and-white take to indicate the background vocals. This created some interesting contrast that makes the video a lot more fun to watch than a single take using the same background.

Please support our fundraising drive for the Institute for Responsible Technology, where I've pledged $10,000 in matching donations in the hopes of raising at least $20,000. Here's the link where you can make a tax-deductible contribution (which I will match up to $10K):

This song, along with the efforts of many other people, is having a strong an impact to raise awareness about the dangers of GMOs. The public is waking up, and they are not going to tolerate GMOs being secretly put into their foods! At the very least, we need mandatory GMO labeling. Better yet, we should just have GMOs banned!

Song Lyrics

Song by Amethios, with spoken lines from
Jeffrey Smith

I'm lookin at the food that's in the grocery store
They say it's safe, everybody eat more.
On second thought, I don't really know if it's made with those GMOs

So I'm lookin for the non-GMO label 'fore I bring it home and put it on my table
I wanna know it's verified so I don't
Harm myself with genetically modified

They don't want you to know
All the poison they grow
The corporate profits they show from those GMO OH

Those Frankenseeds that they sow
They're gonna hurt us we know
It's time we told 'em to go, say GMO NO!

I don't want eat poison, I don't want gene mutations at my dinner reservations
it's a food abomination what they doin' to this fast food nation
They take artificial gene combinations
inject them in seed variations
so they can grow their Frankenfood imitations
while the side effects cause medical patients

Keep their profits alive while they
spraying all the food with name brand herbicides
and all the while they're spreadin' their lies
Monsanto destroyin' farmers lives
and the FDA keeps it all going
saying it's safe even though they all know it's just
poison stealing away your life, and that's what you eat with genetically modified.

GMO safety huh that's a corporate myth
if you don't believe me listen to Jeffery Smith
He's the man with plan gonna do what he can
To help us all get those GMOs banned
But we need you to lend a hand
take a stand against this food scam
It's a mission for the health condition worldwide
We don't wanna live genetically modified

Don't eat food unless you know what's in it
Don't believe the propaganda cuz the press will spin it
Affects everybody, we all up in it
Stand up to Monsanto, tell 'em oh no you didn't

Reject Frankenfoods in the store
demand honest labels so we can be informed
We have a natural right to know
What we buyin' Just say no to GMO

Before our farms start dyin'
Just say no to GMO

Those corporate crooks are lyin'
Just say no to GMO

This time we're not complyin'
Just say no to GMO

We're just not buyin' it
Just say no to GMO

Song and Lyrics © 2011 by Mike Adams, All Rights Reserved.

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