Latest Video: S.S.R.Lies Music Video - 2012 Edition

This is the new 2012 music video for S.S.R.Lies, a song first written by Michael Adams (Amethios) in 2009.

Adams, the editor of, wrote and performed the lyrics of the song. He was awarded the "Human Rights Award" by CCHR in 2010 for his work exposing the fraud behind psychiatry and the drugging of children.

This music video exposes the truth behind psychiatric drugs, and it promotes the information of Peter Breggin ( as well as InfoWars, NaturalNews and others.

SSRI antidepressant drugs have been implicated in school shootings, murder-suicides, military massacres and other violent acts of death and destruction.

Even though the song focuses on antidepressants, many children today are drugged with Ritalin and other "speed" amphetamine drugs which are also mentioned in the song.

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